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Kettering is located roughly 15 miles away from Northampton. Its home to Wicksteed Park, a popular leisure park in the East Midlands and has without a doubt developed into a well-established town. With the opening of the Railway in 1857 Kettering’s Boot & Shoe Trade began to develop, although this has declined in recent years. It’s safe to say that Kettering’s town centre has changed slightly. Victorian buildings have been demolished to make way for the Newlands Shopping Centre which makes way for new business. 

Did you know? Kettering was originally named Cytringan, Kyteringas and Keteiringan in the 10th century.

Choosing PCS For Your Business In Kettering:

We are a business located in Kettering so we know the town like the back of our hand. If your Kettering business requires IT support and solutions we could meet you for a chat at your offices or if you fancy a change of scenery- pop over to us. We are proud of our team and surroundings so we enjoy showing them off whenever we can.

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Located in the centre of England, Northampton can be described as one of the biggest hubs and assets to trade in the UK. It is the perfect central location for businesses, lying 67 miles away from London and 50 miles away from Birmingham. Northampton is one of the largest settlements in the UK and unsurprisingly the town brings in a lot of business from all over the UK.

Did you know? Francis Crick, who was born, bred and educated in Northampton. He’s the guy who discovered the double helix structure of DNA. No biggie.

Choosing PCS For Your Business In Northampton:

We are just around the corner in Kettering, so if your Northampton business requires IT help and support we are just a short car drive away. If our products or services are of interest to you, get in touch with a member of the team today and find out how we can help improve your businesses IT infrastructure.


Daventry is a market town in East Northamptonshire with a population of 25,026. Just west of Northampton the town contains a historic market centre surrounded by modern housing and industrial development.

Did you know? It is said that a new wave of developments has been proposed which could take the town’s population to 40,000 by 2021.

Choosing PCS For Your Business In Daventry:

If your located in the lovely market town of Daventry, we can provide you with the best IT support for your IT infrastructure. We started from humble beginnings and this is why we pride ourselves on our local business connections.

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Wellingborough has approximately 2,500 registered businesses within its boundaries. A lot of the town centre was redeveloped during the 1970s, when it grew rapidly from London overspill.  The town has major high street chains mainly located in the town centre. The only shopping centre, Swansgate, was built in the 1970s. Since 2009 the Borough Council has been looking at rebuilding the centre and major stores want bigger floor-spaces.

Did you know? The town is surrounded by five wells: Red Well, Hemming Well, Witche’s Well, Lady’s Well and Whyte Well, which appear on its coat of arms. You learn something new every day right?

Choosing PCS For Your Business In Wellingborough:

The town of Wellingborough is one of our very friendly neighbours with a distance of only 8 miles. If your Wellingborough business requires IT help and support, we’re just next door and can give you guidance and assistance whenever you need it. If you would like to find out more, talk to a member of the team today to find out how we can help your business.


Corby is located about 23 miles away from Northampton and has a population of 61,300. Figures released in 2010 revealed that Corby has the fastest growing population in both Northamptonshire and the whole of England! In November 2010, Corby saw the opening of the Corby Cube, a major development in the town centre. The Cube is home to a 450-seat theatre and 100 capacity studio theatre.

Choosing PCS For Your Business In Corby:

Corby is a short distance away from our offices and we know the town very well, so if you are a business in Corby in need of IT support and solutions- get in touch today.

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Foxes Leicester City FC


Located in the East Midlands, Leicester is home to the Foxes | Leicester City FC as well as its football team, Leicester is successful in a multitude of ways. In the 2011 census, the population of the Leicester unitary authority was 329,839, an increase of 11.8% compared to the United Kingdom Census 2001 figure of 279,921. Leicester has the largest economy in the East Midlands so as well as having a very high population, the city is also the hub for business and opportunity.

Did you know? Leicester has been home to a host of famous people including Sir David Attenborough and TV presenter, Gok Wan.

Choosing PCS For Your Business In Leicester:

The services we offer branch out to a range of different locations across the region, if you require help with your IT infrastructure then we are just a call, e-mail or drive away. Get in touch today!