This document sets out the terms and conditions on which PCS Business Systems provides managed IT support services to its clients. These are known as our Managed Services Standard Terms and Conditions.

1) Signing these terms and conditions constitutes acceptance of the contract and the products/services, start and end date detailed as being covered by the managed service agreement

2) PCS standard service hours are 08:00 – 18:00 Monday to Friday (Excluding Public & Bank Holidays). Weekend support and out of hours support is available at an additional fee.

3) In the first instance, all requests for support are subject to troubleshooting by our service desk analysts. Only after this stage has taken place can a request for an engineer to attend site take place.

4) The Client and PCS Business Systems agree that this document is Private and Confidential and shall not be forwarded or communicated to anyone outside of its respective organisations.

5) Any detailed Preventative maintenance or IT health check provision are non-refundable.

6) Payment for contracts/service agreements is in accordance with the terms agreed with the PCS Business Systems Finance Team.

7) PCS Business Systems reserves the right to charge additional fees or expenses for work which is performed outside of the standard service contract/agreement.

8) PCS Business Systems reserves the right to charge a cancellation/termination fee up to a maximum of 35% of the contract value for any contract.

9) Cancellation/Termination of the contract must be submitted in writing by either party with a minimum of thirty (30) days notice.

10) The client shall make all reasonable endeavours to make PCS Business Systems aware of any fault/IT support issue within a reasonable timescale.

11) The client shall provide PCS Business Systems with all relevant documentation and systems data relevant to the support contract.

12) The client will ensure that regular backups of all software and data relating to their systems is carried out.

13) The client will ensure that adequate Antivirus and Anti-Spam services are fully installed across their entire systems.

14) The client acknowledges that PCS Business Systems cannot be held responsible for any form of Virus/Malware, Ransomware, Spyware or Cryptolocker attack.

15) The client is entirely responsible for the acceptable use of their IT systems by its employees and agents.

16) The client agrees to ensure that adequate Cyber Security/Information Security Training, processes and policies are in place.

17) Where assistance is required around Cyber Security/Information Security including amending or creating any processes and policies the customer agrees that any work is separate to the services detailed in this contract and that any work is chargeable at a minimum cost of £850.00 per day plus VAT.

18) The client will ensure that environmental and power supply conditions and the operating and care for any products detailed in this service contract/agreement are maintained according to the manufacturers recommendations.

19) Any change in location for any supported equipment detailed in this service contract/agreement will be communicated to PCS Business Systems in writing a minimum of 24 hours prior to taking place. The client accepts that any change in location for any equipment detailed may result in PCS Business Systems not being able to support the equipment.

20) The client shall arrange full and safe access to any supported equipment for the PCS Business Systems IT engineer together with adequate lighting, heating, ventilation and power.

21) Any hardware where a Fully Comprehensive support option has been detailed is subject to “Beyond Economical Repair (BER)” status. If PCS Business Systems cannot economically maintain the equipment it reserves the right to remove such item from the support schedule.

22) Where Fully Comprehensive support is detailed PCS Business Systems will use all reasonable endeavours to supply necessary replacement parts but will not be liable for any delays caused by lack of stock availability. Any replacement parts provided become the property of the client and parts removed/replaced become the property of PCS Business Systems

23) Any amendment(s) to this contract must be agreed in writing by a duly authorised representative of both PCS Business Systems and the Client.

24) PCS Business Systems reserves the right to suspend the support/services detailed in this agreement whilst the Client is in default of payment or any other obligations that form part of this agreement.

25) The Client agrees that support may be suspended or removed if any alterations, adjustments, interference, repairs or alterations are made to any equipment or systems detailed in this contract/agreement by anyone other than a qualified representative of PCS Business Systems.

26) The Client agrees that any equipment or systems not detailed in this contract/agreement are not supported. Any equipment or systems not detailed in this contract/agreement where support is carried out is immediately chargeable at an initial rate of £150.00 and an additional £150.00 for each hour thereafter.

27) The Client agrees that PCS Business Systems are unable to support any equipment or systems where incompatible, damaged, faulty or uncertified accessories or products have been used.

28) Neither PCS Business Systems or the Client shall be under any liability for failures or delays attributable to causes beyond its control.

29) This agreement supersedes any previous discussions, representations, promises, proposals, understandings or agreements.

30) PCS Business Systems shall in no circumstances be liable to the client for any loss, damage or injury or consequential or indirect loss arising from the performance or failure to perform any duty considered additional to the equipment or systems outlined in this contract/agreement.

31) This agreement shall be governed by English Law.