Study With PCS

We’ve been working with schools in the local area to create and develop a brand new learning resource produced students. This is what all the fuss is about…

Our Involvment

PSC have supported the project since day one. Teaching is no longer two-dimensional and new technology is allowing schools to access new boundaries which in turn benefits both teachers and students. The goal is to create a ‘go to’ learning platform for all to use.

The collaborative project was born when two problems were identitfied in the classroom:

1. The link between classroom education and real work commercial skills.

2. The use of technology in lessons while school budgets are often restricted.

StudyWith is built by students, the content is designed, developed and delivered by the 23 strong project team ranging in ages from years 10 to 13.

Educational Resource

A topic-driven Educational Resource with a wide range of materials produced by students of all ages, from years 9-12.

Distant Learning

It provides distance learning opportunities that students, teachers, and parents can take advantage of.

Latest IT

StudyWith makes the most of the latest IT developments to provide stimulating and challenging resources across all key stages and subject areas.

Empower Students

So far, the StudyWith project has focused on bringing Virtual Reality to the classroom. It can take students to places they’ve only ever dreamed of. These immersive experiences are used to amaze and educate in ways never before possible.

The project is the first of its kind and we are very proud of our involvement in it. If you’d like to find out a bit more about it please contact Chris by filling in the form at the bottom.

The Team at StudyWith

The StudyWith website has been created using a wide range of technology including virtual reality and the latest Chromebooks and tablets. The main intention is to deliver new, varied and exciting content to teachers, students and parents everywhere.

The StudyWith team consists of:

Graphic Designers


Web Developers

Project Managers

Want to get involved with StudyWith?