Stuart Knott

Employment Start Date: 2004
Job Title:

Chief Sorcerer

Years in IT: 20
Twitter @PCS_Stuart
Stuart Knott


Having joined PCS in 2004 I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the company and people develop in many ways. Today I am lucky enough to work with a great set of hard working people that means my main role is to ensure that the company is continuously working on what we do best and what we can do better in the future. Ensuring we continue to keep things simple, profitable, flexible, free of red tape and most importantly that every decision is to the long-term benefit of our customers or our family of employees.

Personal Achievement

Managing to trick my wife into thinking it would be a good idea to marry me and after more than 10 years she still hasn’t found enough unreasonable behaviour to get rid of me. Helping raise 3 children, admittedly with varying results, is probably my biggest achievement to date.


Having 3 children and responsibility of running PCS leaves very little time from hobbies, but I do occasionally get to slip away for a shandy at the local pub. Supporting Watford Football Club, which sometimes feels like a task rather than a hobby.

Claim to Fame

I’ve appeared on national television on no less than 4 occasions, but no I won’t reveal on what programs.