Reuben Leach

Employment Start Date: June 2002
Job Title: Commercial Manager
Years in IT: 17
Twitter @PCS_Reuben
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Born in Wales where I lived until I was 22 I moved to the bright lights of Northamptonshire in 2000.  Having had stints working on a market, selling shoes, stacking shelves, welding, driving a cab, picking stock in Argos, working in a hotel, failing miserably at University and generally being a bum.  I sold houses for a bit too but I don’t like to talk about that.  I found my home working in IT having come back to the UK after spending Christmas and millennium new year in Australia.  I started at PCS in June 2002 in sales and have been here ever since.  My favourite thing in the world is my three kids, a son and twin daughters.  After that it’s travelling and I’ve been lucky enough to take in quite a few places in my time.  If I was to name my three favourites they would probably be Cape Town, Seville and San Francisco.

Personal Achievement

My kids.  They are my best friends.



Claim to Fame

When I was a kid I was a chorister at Bangor Cathedral Choir and the BBC once filmed Songs of Praise there.  They didn’t film me because I’d written “HI MUM” on the back of the special hymn book they gave us for the show but the bloke next to me got his face on the telly and I got to see a bit of my arm.