Leanne Denton

Employment Start Date: 2016
Job Title: Credit Controller
Years in IT: 1
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outsourced it northampton


I am a Credit controller for PCS – I ensure that customers pay us on time and release orders placed by the sales teams.

Personal Achievement

Competing international for the UK, in the sport of horseball.
I also rode my horse at the Queens golden jubilee celebration ‘all the Queens horses’. Both amazing experiences!


As you can tell I have my own horse so most of my spare time is taken up by him, but I do also enjoy swimming, socialising with friends and days out with the husband.

Claim to Fame

I have meet Queen Elizabeth II, which was like talking to a lovely granny.
She was very interested in what I did (a demo of horseball at ‘all the Queens horses’) and made sure we got a fully guided tour of the golden carriage.