James Southcombe

Employment Start Date: 2018
Job Title: Field Engineer
Years in IT: 2
it support northampton


I’m a Technical Field Engineer here at PCS, with 2+ years’ experience of working in schools and managing their IT infrastructure. I came to PCS to expand my knowledge and grow as an IT Engineer. My biggest work achievements so far in life includes qualifying as a bricklayer at the age of 18, then going on to become trained and qualified in ICT (it’s my real passion).

My qualifications include:

2016-2017 3AAA IT Apprenticeship;

Level 3 Advanced Level Apprenticeship in IT, Software, Web & Telecoms Professionals.

Personal Achievement

My best personal achievement has to be getting engaged to my partner who is incredibly patient with me, also the fact that we’re both very close to being able to afford our very own house is a big achievement to me.

Fun Fact

I have a tattoo of Nemo in an anemone on my wrist.


I have many interests, but my main hobbies include:

  • Supporting Northampton Saints
  • High-end cars. I love seeing super cars and have a very keen interest in maintaining my own car as well as my parents (lucky them).

Claim to Fame

I believe that at the age of 21 I’m far too young to have a claim, but there’s still plenty of time…