Case Study:
PCS & Charles Bentley & Son Ltd

“Our experience with PCS so far has been great. They are exceptionally quick at responding, very helpful and have allowed us to speed up processes”.

At A Glance:

Organisation: Charles Bentley & Son Ltd

Location: Loughborough, Leicestershire

Industry: Cleaning Industry

Vision: ‘To produce a vast array of cleaning products that are used every day across the globe, tailoring our portfolio to meet our customers’ requirements’.


Back in 1860, the very first Mr Bentley had just completed an apprenticeship as a brush maker, he decided to put his skills to the test and start his own business. Mr Bentleys son continued the business in the early 1900’s where he was producing brushes in his back yard! Fast forward to today, after years of hard graft and growth, now a multi-million-pound operation, Charles Bentley & Son produce a selection of useful products for top retailers around the world including Tesco, B&Q, Homebase and many more.

The Issue

Beginning so humbly and working with such determination means that Charles Bentley are growing rapidly. After investing in state-of-the-art equipment in 2015 and improving efficiency within its production line, they increased capacity by a third. So naturally they required some assistance to help them with their ever-expanding IT infrastructure.

The Decision

In 2018 they decided to change IT support provider. It was no easy decision for Charles Bentley. They had already dabbled with in house support and outsourced to two other IT companies’.

After searching for IT support on the web, they found PCS.

Being local to one-another meant that Charles Bentley could easily take a trip down to Kettering to discuss their current IT requirements and goals with PCS.

Following a conversation with the team at PCS and after finding out a bit more about their procedures and customers, Charles Bentley decided that they were a great fit for a strong working relationship.



“You have worked with us to build the relationship as a strategic one. Mutual co-operation and trust has enhanced our organisation’s IT capability, strengthened its security defences and delivered value for money”. 

- William Bentley, General Manager

The UK’s leading brushware manufacturer were particularly impressed to find out that Motor Racing Manufacturing, Retail and Government Departments are among some of the high-profile customers industries that PCS provide support for.

So, in March 2018 the partnership began.



“For an IT provider to meet with the demands of such a well-established organisation shows that they are a decent company who have the expertise to keep up with such high demands”.

- William Bentley

The Support

Charles Bentley were getting monthly on-site visits from their previous IT support provider, but PCS advised that these were not a necessary expense for them at the time. So, when it came to decide what services they needed – Charles Bentley were happy to take the advice of PCS on board.

PCS remotely monitor the systems at Charles Bentley, ensuring the environment is always working, which prevents the small things from becoming major issues. Charles Bentley now have a dedicated remote team and a proactive technical support team to ensure their critical systems are never down.

Servers at Charles Bentley are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If any problems occur, PCS will deal with them and notify Charles Bentley that the issues have been resolved.



“The service desks we have dealt with in the past haven’t had the same degree of knowledge and productivity as PCS. We like that the analysts are all qualified at the same high level and the same person takes the lead on the call from start to finish”.

- William Bentley


Charles Bentley wanted expert advice and recommendations around their online environment to help strengthen their cyber security. PCS have worked with them to bring their systems in line and have assisted them in obtaining industry recognised Cyber Essentials Accreditation.

Spreading cyber awareness amongst the team at Charles Bentley was also of high priority. PCS provide them with phishing training which allows their team members to recognise the tell-tale signs of suspicious e-mails.



“The interaction we have with PCS has been very genuine. They recommend what we need and what we don’t need. They don’t come across as sales driven and it’s this trust that has built the foundation of a strong, honest working relationship”.

- William Bentley


The Result

Outsourcing to the professionals has allowed Charles Bentley to carry on with daily activities at ease.

PCS now deal with IT issues which eliminates the need for any of the Charles Bentley team to play ‘mediator’ – which happened a lot when they had in-house support. They can now completely remove themselves from the situation and hand over the responsibility to the experts.

“There’s no sugar-coating things with PCS. They tell us straight and vice versa. This is the type of working relationship that we need”.

A dedicated member of PCS meets with Charles Bentley every month to discuss their IT and review their support contract. It keeps the two businesses on track and allows both parties to talk about any IT issues they have had over the last month. Meeting monthly keeps the relationship strong, open and collaborative.

“Our experience with PCS so far has been great. They are exceptionally quick at responding, very helpful and have allowed us to speed up processes”. 
– William Bentley


Message from PCS

We have worked with Charles Bentley for over 9 months now and we’re delighted with how far the relationship has come. They were seeking a compatible IT support company to partner with and we’re very pleased that they decided to choose us. They are extremely helpful and are honestly the perfect customer. We hope to carry on working with them for many years to come.

Charles Bentley & PCS – The Services

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