Cameron Anderson

Employment Start Date: December 2018
Job Title: Service Desk Analyst
Years in IT: 1
it support northampton and kettering


My current role at PCS is working alongside other colleagues on the Helpdesk. The helpdesk is used to log tickets, to help us manage current issues that customers may be having.

These jobs come through either by email or by phone. It is our job to resolve the issue and/or escalate when needed.


My hobbies include Eating, watching movies and series. Most importantly going to Drum and Bass events! 

Drum and Bass is a very big passion of mine

Fun Fact

My right arm is slightly longer than my left arm due to me breaking the growth bone on my left arm, thus my arm not growing for 6 weeks.

Personal Achievement

My best personal achievement would be my modelling career which I started at a young age.

I have been on Advertisements for AA, Pets at Home, Schwartz, Autism Awareness and many more.