Andy Hobbs

Employment Start Date: 2018
Job Title: Service Desk Analyst
Years in IT: 23
it support northampton and kettering


After joining PCS in February, my main job role consists of providing help desk support.

In addition to general IT assistance, my day-to-day tasks also includes providing support for:

  • Servers
  • Networks
  • Office 365

I enjoy helping customers resolve issues and really enjoy learning something new every day.


My idea of a fun night in would consist of console gaming with my friends or having a ‘games nights’ (which is something I do quite regularly). I have a great interest in photography and have been the wedding photographer for a total of six weddings! In my previous jobs, I’ve also taken on the role as ‘company photographer’ in addition to my IT role.

… I’m starting to learn to program my Raspberry Pi.

Fun Fact

I have a collection of over 1100 Superman comics.

Claim to Fame

I was a mascot for Luton Town Football Club in 1984 when Luton played West Ham. The final score was 2-2.

Personal Achievement

I have donated 50 pints of blood.