Nicolaj Jensen

Employment Start Date: September 2018
Job Title: Field Service Engineer
Years in IT: 11



I am very hard working, but loving having a laugh in between. 

At PCS I carry out break/fix, Configuration & Installs.

Personal Achievement

Becoming a dad in 2007, I love being a dad. It wasn’t planned, but the best thing that ever happened to me, it gave me renewed focus at a time when I was on a downward spiral.


Record colleting (Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Black Sabbath, Paradise Lost, Bob Dylan and so much more).

I enjoy reading biographies and true crime.

Football (though I don’t really play anymore)

Lego (Mostly because my son loves Lego)

Gigs (Mostly extreme metal – awesome energy release)

Claim to Fame

Kevin Spacey asked me out on a date.

One of my friends (Jamie Jarvis) used to be in Eastenders for about 9 months.

I played football for “Fame” in the West-end theatre football league (We won the league with me as top scorer in 1997/98)