Improving Your Cyber Health

Improving Your Cyber Health

By: Samantha Geary Marketing Executive 

Cyber-attacks are becoming more common, and you no longer have to be a large company to be at risk.

This means that maintaining your cyber health is very important for the long-term running and maintenance of your business. Cyber-attacks can cost you both time and money. If you’re the victim of ransomware, for instance, you may have to pay a large amount of money to have your files decrypted. If your network becomes infected with malware, it may be down for several days, meaning you can’t get any work done.

So how can you improve your cyber health? Well, this blog aims to outline a few easy ways in which you can do this. First off, we look at how you can diagnose your network to see where weaknesses lie. After this, we’ll outline some ways you can improve your cyber health.



Your IT and security teams don’t communicate

Not having your IT and security teams communicate is a sure way to leave your business open to cyber attacks. You need to make sure they can both coordinate their strategies to both minimise the risk of a cyber-attack and the time it takes to rectify a cyber-attack if one should happen. Make sure both divisions have frequent meetings to discuss strategies and new developments.

Your employees aren’t aware of the risks

All the policies and tech in the world won’t help if your employees aren’t aware of the risks of cyber attacks. You need to make sure they’re aware of policies and procedures within your business, and that they approach anything suspect with caution. If they get an email from an unknown recipient, they need to know the risks of opening that email, for instance. Frequent training days and meetings about the risks of cyber security can help keep your employees up-to-date.


Your tech vendors aren’t talking to you about cyber-security

Finally, if you outsource your IT support, you need to make sure you speak to your IT vendor about ways to reduce the risks of cyber attacks. They’ll have the expertise you need to make sure your company is a secure as possible, but will also be able to help if the worst does happen and your network is compromised.



It sounds obvious, but making sure that your company has a comprehensive password policy is one of the most effective things you can do to reduce the risk of cyber attacks. Ensuring that employees have secure passwords and have to change them fairly frequently can reduce your risks drastically.


Make sure that you keep your network up-to-date. This means performing firmware updates on the tech you already own, but also replacing old components for newer ones with better security capabilities. Manufacturers know the risks of cyber attacks, so are always inventing new ways to make sure you can stay one step ahead of any would be criminals.

Frequent risk analysis

Finally, the importance of coordination when it comes to cyber security cannot be over emphasised. It’s important to perform frequent risk analyses in order to discover your weaknesses and also make sure that each department related to cyber security is doing its job right. Doing a risk analysis will reveal any weaknesses your business currently has, allowing you to make improvements where necessary.

The main thing to bear in mind when it comes to cyber security is that planning is everything. If you perform frequent risk analyses and make sure that your company’s policies are up to date and known by all your employees, you’ll drastically reduce your risks. Beyond this, if the worst does happen, you need to make sure you have a plan in place to reduce the damage caused by a cyber attack and the time it takes to recover from one.

 All of this may sound like quite a lot of work, but it’ll definitely pay off if the worst does happen!

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