GDPR Essentials


Comes into effect on
May 25th 2018

There’s no one stop answer to GDPR, it’s about how you operate and your responsibility towards data.

For organisations in the UK the Information Commissioner office has produced a micro site specifically for Data Protection Reform.
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We think an excellent first step would be to review the cyber security of your business and then progress on to Cyber Essentials certification

Another important step would be to ensure that data is securely backed up and fully retrievable in the event of a cyber-attack. To find out more, visit our Cyber Security and Cloud DR services.

GDPR includes lots of Cyber Security requirements, including encryption, safeguarding systems against malicious code and making adequate backups of your company data.

It’s a good idea to start documenting the personal data your organisation holds, how you obtained it, why you need it, who you share it with and how you protect it.

Two words you should remember in regards to GDPR are:

Consent & Responsibility

Do you have consent to hold the data and are you doing
everything you can to protect it?
If it’s no to either then have a chat with PCS today and find out how we can help you.

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