Encrypt Your Devices The PCS Way

With the increasing number of devices being used in the workplace, securing data is one of the most challenging and important issues businesses face.

Cloud BasedCloud Based Solution

No hardware management required

KnowledgeNo Knowledge Required

Fully deployed and managed by PCS

deviceDevice Reporting

Never miss a non-compliant device

Fully Managed
Fully Managed 

Works on Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

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Keep your devices in safe hands, even if they fall into the wrong hands.

PCS Managed Encryption offers a whole new ball game when it comes to encrypting your devices. There is no easier way for your organisation to secure mobile devices – including Windows and Mac PCs. Managed Encryption is remotely deployed and managed by highly trained IT service professionals.
Complete Remote Encryption and Mobile Device Management Delivered from the cloud for PCs, Macs, USBS, Phones and Tablets.

Phones and Tablets

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Phones are smart but so are thieves. Phones used for work often contain sensitive information and if stolen can open the door for criminals to access other important company data.


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Exposing or losing data from a company PC can be catastrophic. We can quickly remove user access to data, while maintaining productivity through our fully managed, discrete cloud-based service.


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USBs can be lost or misplaced just about anywhere. Fortunately, there is no need to purchase expensive hardware because with Managed Encryption is compatible with all USBs.


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Macs can be as small as a tablet but they work differently. Managed Encryption ensures data is safe and allows users to carry devices around without the worry of losing essential data.

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Secure Your Data

Data breaches are not uncommon and if data isn’t being protected properly or devices are being left hanging around in unsecure places, then your business could face the backlash from the ICO.
Find out more about simplifying your encryption here.

‘Where such losses occur and where encryption software has not been used to protect the data, regulatory action may be pursued’

- Information Commissioners Office

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Managed Encryption VS Normal Encryption. What makes us different?

You’re probably thinking, normal encryption provides excellent data access control, right? Wrong. While encryption is necessary and generally effective at protecting data from hackers, encryption alone can’t be relied upon for complete data security.

What would happen if your device is stolen with the power on and the password is easily cracked?

What if an employee leaves your company but still has the device with them? 

Suppose a laptop is stolen along with your notebook that contains your password?

If you had regular encryption with the scenarios above, your device could be breached. PCS Managed Encryption offer tools that allow you to:


  • Remotely wipe devices
  • Temporarily shut down devices
  • Persistent shut down/lock
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PCS are smart. Be like PCS.

If you’d like to find out a bit more about Managed Encryption or any of our other services get in touch.