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Dropbox Migrate
Dropbox Migrate

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Dropbox Migrate

Collaborate securely and maintain visibility.

Introducing Dropbox Migrate

This powerful, yet simple, solution securely drives collaborative work, increasing productivity for your business.
Capabilities of this platform allow you to maintain control while still enabling employees to freely sync, share and access information anywhere, at anytime.
Dropbox Migrate is a better way to work together, with key features that will empower your employees to collaborate from anywhere.
It’s difficult to stay productive on the go, so offering your employees this seamless and flexible solution, allowing them to access and share files across multiple locations & devices, is priceless and will eliminate frustration.
Security features that enable you to proactively protect your sensitive company files and empower your IT administrators to gain comprehensive control & visibility, mitigate the risk of a security breach.
Utilise the security features of Dropbox Migrate and the support provided by PCS to ensure good adoption of cyber security and help your company become compliant in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Migrating to Dropbox couldn’t be more simple, our highly-accredited consultants fully plan and manage your project ensuring all the right skills are aligned to provide a hassle free process.


File & version recovery allows you to recover deleted files or restore previous versions.


Freely access, sync & share your most important files with colleges and external partners.



Real time editing allows you to edit documents alongside your colleagues and save changes. 



Fully manged, hassle free migration to Dropbox, with minimal disruption.

  • Comprehensive visibility
  • Co-authoring
  • Active directory integration
  • Remote wipe & account transfer tool 
  • Audit logs
  • Single sign on or two step verification
  • Two way mobile app integration 
  • Admin dashboard
Consult Benefits
  • Real time editing & file sharing
  • Increased productivity 
  • File and version recovery
  • Comprehensive visability
  • File encryption 
  • Customisable policies and permission control
  • Expert project planning and migration 
  • Multilayered security

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