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Cyber Aware

How would your team respond to a Phishing e-mail?

Introducing Cyber Aware

How do you know if that e-mail is real?

Would your users know the difference between a legitimate e-mail and Phishing? Awareness is key, especially as Phishing is becoming more advanced and tailored.

Your users are your biggest defence and your weakest link.

Even with the most robust security measures in place, your business is left vulnerable if a colleague clicks a link on a Phishing e-mail.

Learning that someone in your business has opened up the doors to a Phishing scam is unfortunately not uncommon, therefore you need the best prevention and protection plan in place.

Cyber Aware has been created to empower users, allowing them to differentiate between Phishing and a Legitimate e-mail.

Our managed service starts with an initial consultation which involves finding out a bit more about your team and your business. This allows us to assess any risks and put together bespoke training.

You’ll receive a training programme which allows your team to learn the tell-tale signs of Phishing. Not every member of your team will require the same level of support, that’s the reason why the training we provide is 100% tailored.

Remember, all it takes is one click.

cyber aware investigate
We get a comprehensive picture of
where online threats to your team originate.

robot with cyber aware education
Give your team the knowledge they need to avoid falling victim to phishing e-mails.


Cyber Aware Empower
Gain more transparancy and allow employees to work closely with your security department to report any suspicious activity.

Consult Benefits
  • Fully customisable
  • Identify weak spots
  • Reduce risk and liability
  • Measurable and easy to use
  • Simulation of real phishing attacks

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