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Verify Your Users

We’re always looking for new ways to improve our offerings and add new products to our portfolio.
Take the last few years for example – we have added LOTS of innovative, exciting products to help improve our customers IT infrastructure and experience…

Goodbye Windows Hello Mac OS.

I’ve been in IT for years…. 20 odd if you’re counting and I’ve always been a big fan of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Granted, some have been pretty dire, but I’ve gone through the motions with all of them to try and immerse myself in the Microsoft dream and to be fair I have enjoyed it… 

Calculate Your Risk

I’m sure you’ve probably worked it out by now, but cyber threats are becoming more common. So, you need to start integrating considerations of cyber security into your businesses policies and meetings.

All Change

Our Managed Service Provider arm of the business has always been strong, but with our transactional team selling more services and offerings and with our offering itself broadening into Cyber Security services, we decided it was time for that change.

Improving Your Cyber Health

Improving Your Cyber HealthImproving Your Cyber HealthBy: Samantha Geary Marketing Executive Cyber-attacks are becoming more common, and you no longer have to be a large company to be at risk. This means that maintaining your cyber health is very important for the...

My IT system is down, what should I do?

Networks and computers are built for reliability and they are becoming more robust each year. It’s hard to imagine that in the past, when technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today, having regular periods of downtime was a common occurance throughout the year.

Welcome the Essential IT Bundle

I attended the Region Cyber Trust Forum run by Bedfordshire Police on 24th May. The Forum is designed for businesses such as PCS to get together and to exchange ideas in order to promote good Cyber Security practice.

Avoiding Downtime

Picture this- you’re hard at work, driving your business to success and your network crashes just a couple of hours before an important deadline.

10 Reasons Why You Need an IT Service Provider

Businesses can choose whether to have an in house IT department or outsource their support to a managed service provider… Stuck on your decision?
Here are 10 reasons why outsourcing could be the best option for you…

Get Ransom Aware.

Imagine this… You turn on your computer, sieve through your inbox and you see that Jack from admin has e-mailed you. You open it, but it’s just a hyperlink asking you to ‘check out this really useful link’…

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