All Change…

All Change…

By: Shelley Thompson, UK Sales Manager

Back in 2015 PCS transitioned from a Value Added Reseller (VAR) to a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Our Managed Service Provider arm of the business has always been strong, but with our transactional team selling more services and offerings and with our offering itself broadening into Cyber Security services, we decided it was time for that change. 

It was key for our 450 managed service customers in the local area, to see us as a Managed Service Provider and not confuse us with a Value Added Reseller.

For those who are fresh to the IT Industry…

Managed Service Provider
A company that provides IT support as a service.

Value Added Reseller
A company that resells software and hardware and provides value beyond fulfilment.

(Apologies if you’re already in the industry but at least that’s all covered now).

Being a VAR, has given us some great times as a business and our accreditation levels reflect this, HP Inc Gold, HPE Silver, Lenovo Platinum Partner click here for the full list.  We still hold all of these accreditations as a MSP and that gives our customer great pricing, great levels of support and great technical resource.

Our latest change to continue this model was to merge our two technical teams and rejig the space our Account Managers worked from.  

To explain a little… we have three teams that support our 450 Managed Service Customers. 

Account Managers:

These are the guys that deal with day to day enquiries, orders, projects, co-ordinating and advising on a company’s IT progression and implementation; pulling together the resources within PCS and vendors to ensure all the information that the customer needs is provided to them.

Before the rejig, the team of Account Managers were spread across a large floor and the senior management team felt that in a closer environment the entire team would bounce of each other’s successes and be able to cross reference ideas and upcoming technologies.  

The two other teams are technical…

One is the Service Desk team, these are the guys and girls who customers call when things aren’t going right with their IT. They manage the day to day IT support needs for our customers.

Last but not least the Engineers and Solutions Consultants team.

These are the people that go to site to fix, implement or advise on IT progression from a technical angle with the Account Manager.

Now, these two technical teams were split over two floors and as you can imagine, they work very closely together on tickets, installations etc. For example, a call may initially come into our Service Desk where it can be decided that an engineer is needed on site.

Whilst it worked successfully for many years like this we felt that if both teams were on the same floor we could provide more cohesion to our support and implementation processes. 

This is something we believe is key when offering first class IT support, having the Service Desk, Engineers and Solutions Consultants all in one room now means that the knowledge transfer is second to none and the whole move has meant an improved experience for our customers.

In fact, in December 2018 tickets were logged with the PCS service desk of which 100% had the SLA met… now that’s some statistic.


So, the plan was to move the two Technical teams onto what was the Sales floor and move the Sales team into one of the offices that was the Service Desk.

The whole thing was done in one day. 

Over 35+ people all rearranged their work spaces with new desks in different offices.  

I can happily say, the whole thing went smoothly. Obviously, all the important things were sorted out, we made sure all personal belongings made it back to their rightful owner, including trinkets, USB slippers, fridges, you name it – all the important stuff made it… 

Oh and the workstations and phones all made it too. 

The benefits that it has brought us are great, the statistics from December show that (100% of SLA’s met, just in case you missed it the first time). 

So yes, some upheaval in the logistics of moving 35+ people, but the end result was worth that and more.

Meet The Author

Name: Shelley Thompson
Employment Start Date: March 2003
Job Title: Concept Alchemist
Years in IT 20

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