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By: Scott Hawkey, Technical Manager

Last week, PCS hosted a GDPR event at the Dropbox HQ in London.

GDPR is a hot topic at the moment, we thought what better way to get the message out there, that GDPR was coming, than to host our own event.

We invited a number of vendors along to the event, each with a common message around GDPR and how their products and services could assist our customers in becoming compliant.

The day started early with a 7.06am train into London from Kettering for me and our UK Sales Manager, Shelley. The rest of the PCS team were travelling from Leicester, Derby, Bedford, Northampton and Wellingborough.

Arriving at St Pancras Station in London, at just after 8am, we met up with the rest of the team and took the short walk to the Dropbox HQ. Upon arrival to the event it was obvious that it was going to be popular, we had advertised registration for the event from between 9-10am but people were already arriving, obviously chomping at the bit to learn a little more about GDPR.

The room that we had booked for the event was amazing, the 5th floor of Dropbox HQ complete with a balcony / Terrace overlooking the BBC and Regent Street. That, coupled with the fact the sun was shining, made for a very happy PCS team.

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PCS goodie bags laid out, fresh off the print PCS notebooks on the chairs (for that all important note taking) and we were ready to roll. By this time we had registered over 50 people and breakfast was well underway with teas, coffees & pastries being served by the PCS team.

At 10am sharp we were off, with an opening intro from our very own Chris McQuade, giving attendees the schedule of the day and a little overview on PCS stance towards GDPR.

At 10.10am We had an in depth GDPR overview from Stuart at IT Governance. What this guy doesn’t know about GDPR isn’t worth knowing, he went into great detail about what companies need to be doing to get themselves ready, stressing the importance of the regulation and the penalties for those who fall short. I think this was a massive eye opener to a lot of the attendees, some of which had little or no information prior to the event about what GDPR actually was.


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At 11.00am, phew… a well deserved coffee break, more tea, coffee & pastries served along with a helping of pick & mix and chocolate. At this point the sun was well and truly out and a lot of the attendees stood on the balcony to check out the views over London.

Then, at 11.30am, a talk from yours truly, around why PCS decided to host the event and the services & solutions that we bring to the table to assist companies in their quest to becoming GDPR compliant.

At 11.50am, Helena and Panos from Dropbox took to the stage, giving an awesome as ever Dropbox overview, showcasing the Dropbox product and all that it features.

At 12.10am Darren from ESET presented the ESET 2 Factor Authentication and Encryption products, these were well received.

At 12.30pm Absolute presented their Track, Trace & Wipe product, highlighting the benefits of the product and the fact that this is the back end for our SafeGuard managed service.

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At 1.00pm lunch was served with enough sandwiches, crisps and drink to feed an army. Lunch in the sunshine 5 floors up over looking London isn’t to be sniffed at.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with live demos from Datto and Watchguard. If you have never seen a Datto demo you’re missing out, the ability to bring up failed servers live on premise or in the cloud in under 5 mins is something pretty awesome. Both Watchguard and Datto’s demos were received really well, add in some great freebies and banter from the Datto guys made for a very good afternoon.

At 3.00pm the prize draw was made for the iPad Mini (128gb). All of the attendees were asked to complete a feedback form around the day’s events and hand these to a PCS team member, the lucky winner was chosen at random from the bag and received the iPad. Congratulations to Keith from MIS, on winning!

Congratulations to Keith from MIS, for winning our iPad Mini Giveaway!

All packed up and ready to go, we thought we would host a few drinks at the pub across the road for the last remaining people & the PCS team, a few well-deserved pints were had in the sun, while celeb spotting.

This brought the day to a close, a lot of happy customers, a lot of questions asked and, most importantly, a lot learned about GDPR. The event was a great success and I hope all that attended on the day enjoyed it, we are planning to host some smaller more localised events in the coming months so please keep your eyes on our website and our Twitter to find out more.

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